The Green Card

A Green Card holder (permanent resident) is someone who has been granted authorization to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. As proof of that status, a person is granted a permanent resident card, commonly called a "Green Card."

Immigrating to USA

Is It An Easy Process?

Trying to become a US citizen, or at least to have permission to live and work in the country is something that many people from around the worldwide try to do, and there are many things that are needed in order to achieve this.

Immigration to the USA

What Is Immigration?

One of the big questions for many people who are actually looking to move from one country to another is to find out what the local authorities will define as immigration, and what sort of criteria will need to be met in order to be allowed to move to that specific country. On the most basic of levels, immigration is the act of moving from one country and settling in another country on a permanent basis, but in reality there is a wide range of factors which can influence immigration and whether or not it will be permitted by the authorities of the destination country.

In developed countries, immigration and the impact that it will have on the existing population and their standard of living is often a hot topic, and the debate about how much immigration should be allowed and whether or not only qualified immigrants should be allowed is frequently discussed. It is fair to say that historically immigrants have often brought many different things to the western world, including diverse cultures and cuisines, different perspectives and often an entirely different way of doing things, and for the most part immigrants have assimilated quite well into their host society.

Immigrate to the US

Among the basics of immigration information, for which this site has a lot of useful detail, it is the criteria that different countries will have for immigration. For countries like the United States of America, which was largely founded by immigrants, there tends to be a more benevolent attitude towards immigrants than in other countries, although it is fair to say that this is not a view that is shared by everyone in the country. Legal immigration where the new residents are welcomed in is much more acceptable than illegal immigration, which will often lead to many people working in the low paid black market jobs, which is another problem entirely.

Immigration can be triggered by many factors, whether it be unrest in the home nation, a displacement because of civil war, a desire to move to somewhere with a higher standard of living, or in many cases simply a desire to have change of scenery and somewhere different to live and work. The immigration of highly skilled workers from poorer countries in order to fill vacancies in richer countries is a particularly contentious issue, as there is a lot of talk about a brain drain in these poorer countries who train these individuals, but don't feel the benefit of having helped these people through their education.

There is no doubt that immigration is certainly an issue in every country, whether it be the most talented individuals moving elsewhere to pursue their fortune, or the influx of people who take the low paid jobs and can sometimes become an underclass if too many people from one nationality or ethnic group take a specific type of role. Having policies and plans to deal with immigration in a fair and balanced way is something that is in the interest of everyone, and this is a part of a debate that will continue for many years.